Officers Of The HVFD

2024 Operational Officers

Mike Clark

Fire Chief

Timmy Clark

Assistant Chief "6A"

Brian Thrasher

Deputy Fire Chief "6B"

Chuck Threlfall

Deputy EMS Chief "6C" & QA/QI Officer / Infectious Control Officer

Mike Montgomery Sr.

Safety Officer

Dave Barcenas

Safety Officer & Fire Prevention Coordinator

Mike Eversole

Fire Captain

Alexis Tiede

EMS Captain

Ryan Wilson

Squad Lieutenant

Alex Merz

Squad Lieutenant

Garick Jenkins

Fire Lieutenant & Resident Agent

Emily Holzberger

EMS Lieutenant

Olivia Bryant

EMS Lieutenant

John Mattera

Chief Engineer

Mark Wyvill

Asst. Engineer

Clinton Cox

Assistant Engineer

Matt Speelman

Probationary Coordinator

Pete Bagdovitz


2024 Administrative Officers

Mike Hardesty


Charlie Hanko

Vice President & Board of Director

Jeff Burroughs

Treasurer & Board of Director

Chrissie Carson


Mike Montgomery Sr.

Board of Director (Chair)

Clinton Cox

Board of Director

Ozzie Osbourn

Board of Director

Larry Patin

Board of Director & Chaplain