Dog Rescued From Water In Huntingtown

At 1535 on 9/5, HVFD was dispatched to Potts Point Road for a dog down a cliff, in the water. Squad 6 arrived and found a black dog at the bottom of a 30ft cliff partially submerged in the water about 500 feet away from the entry point.

Squad 6 donned dry suits and PFDs and entered the water. When the Squad reached the dog they calmed it down, put a leash around it’s neck, and carried it out the water.

A69 assessed the animal, cleaned it up with a towel, and provided it food and water.

6B had command, Chief 6 had operations, and Safety Officer 6 had safety.

Calvert County Animal Control arrived and checked the dog for a chip. The dog had a chip but was not registered. It also had no collar. It will be at Linda Kelly Animal Shelter.

If you own or know anything about this dog please contact Linda Kelly Animal Shelter.

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