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The Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad (HVFD) is actively recruiting men and women ages 16 and older who are in good physical condition and wish to serve Huntingtown and surrounding areas as firefighters and/or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

We are also continuously recruiting auxiliary members to contribute in fundraising, public relations, public education, and administrative assistance.

Rewarded For Service

Membership Benefits

Volunteering with the Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department not only gives back to your community but also provides you with various benefits. As a volunteer, you dedicate your time and energy to help others without any expectation. It provides a sense of fulfillment knowing you’ve made a positive difference, develops new skills and experience, expands your professional contacts, and strengthens your character. Volunteering is an excellent opportunity for personal growth, self-improvement, and to make a positive impact in your community.

Do You Have What it Takes?

Basic Requirements

Volunteering with HVFD is a fulfilling experience, but there are minimum requirements. These ensure all members are equipped to handle challenges on duty. Meeting these qualifications proves commitment to providing high-quality service to the community. Reach out with any questions. Join our team as a volunteer firefighter!

Minimum Membership Requirements Also Include:
Attending 6 drills and 6 meetings, actively participate in 100 calls, and dedicate a minimum of 50 hours to related activities per year. This helps enhance skills and knowledge, while ensuring full integration into the community and effective service in your role.

Are you Ready?

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To join the HVFD family, please complete the interest form below and a department representative will contact you. If you have any questions regarding the membership process or requirements, please email [email protected].