Classic Corvette Contest Official Rules

Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad, Inc.

(a non-profit organization)

P.O. Box 987 - Huntingtown, Maryland 20639

1. Raffle tickets for 1969 Corvette (or $25,000.00) available for 1st place winner. $2,000.00 for second place, $1,000.00 for third place, $700.00 for fourth place, $300.00 for fifth place.

2. All state and federal taxes, transfer fees, licenses and any other related expenses are the responsibility of the winner.

3. Must be 18 years of age to claim prizes.  Ticket sales to Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Dept. & Rescue Squad, Inc. (including its subsidiaries) employees, board members, their immediate families are prohibited.  Immediate family includes parents, spouse, children, and children’s spouse.  This contest void where prohibited.

4. Contest Drawing October 15, 2023.  Winner need not be present at drawing. Need not have ticket stub to win.

5. All ticket orders must be received by October 7, 2023.

6. A ticket is a special printed 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ sheet of paper with 15 sequential six-digit numbers with an attached stub with those numbers.  With each ticket (set of 15 six digit numbers) the customer will need to enter legibly, one name (first & last), their mailing address, phone number, and email is optional.  If multiple tickets are purchased in sequential order, only the customers’ name will need to be filled in. Sequential numbers will be tracked in computer-generated logs when the customer’s name is entered into our records.  The paper information with the customer’s name and ticket numbers will be saved for backup purposes.

7. A ticket with 15 sequential six-digit numbers are $10.00 each and will be issued in one name only. If multiple names are entered, the first name will be declared the winner if ticket is drawn.  The paper information with customer’s name and ticket numbers will be saved for backup purposes also.

8. Numbers will be drawn using balls marked 0 to 9 from an electric blower machine.  Numbered balls will be drawn one at a time, using only enough balls to meet the highest number sold.  The first number drawn will use only the amount of numbered balls that the ticket numbers go to.  After the first number has been drawn and posted, the number of balls to be used for the second number will be placed in the machine, and drawn and posted, and so on.  A total of ten balls (0 to 9) will be used.

9. First six-digit number drawn will be the winner of the corvette or $25,000.00 (winner’s choice).  Second six-digit number drawn will be the winner of $2,000.   Third six-digit number drawn will be the winner of $1,000.  Fourth six-digit number drawn will be the winner of $700.00.  Fifth six-digit number drawn will be the winner of $300.00.  If a winner does not claim their prize as written in line 11, another ticket will be drawn using the method in line 8.  All prizes will be given away.  All tickets will remain in the possession of the department until all prizes have been claimed.  Tickets will be destroyed after all prizes are claimed.

10. Purchase using U.S. Funds Only.  Any non-negotiable financial instrument(s), and /or non U.S. funds will result in voiding of ticket(s) purchased and disqualification from contest.  In the event that tickets are paid for by a check and returned for any specific reason, the account has insufficient funds a $35.00 fee shall be paid by money order or cashier’s check by purchaser.  If this fee is not paid within 15 days, tickets shall be void.

11. Each six-digit number is separate and equal chance to win the Corvette or specified prize.  Odds of winning will be based on the actual number of tickets sold.

12. Participants must supply truthful and accurate information in regards to the Participant’s name, phone number, street address, and email address, when requesting an Entry.  If for any reason a drawn ticket is void, a new six-digit number will be drawn for that prize.

13. Drawing conducted by independent judge.  Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Dept. & Rescue Squad, Inc. decisions are final.

14. Winner will be notified by telephone, or email, and by certified mail from information customer entered on the ticket.  It shall be the customer’s responsibility to update any new information, before the drawing.  Winner is responsible for providing valid form of identification to receive prize.

15. Winner has thirty days from the drawing date to claim their prize, F.O.B. Huntingtown, MD 20639 or forfeit all claims to prize.

16. If in the event the car is lost, damaged, or destroyed, or otherwise not available, the limit of liability shall be the prize of $25,000.00.

17. Any other claim is limited to the refund of the cost of ticket(s) purchased

18. Addresses and telephone numbers obtained by the Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Dept & Rescue Squad, Inc. shall be used solely for this contest.